Do you use lyrics for learning?

I was importing some music lyrics as items to my workdesk, and I was caught by surprise when I discovered that there is no ‘music’ category or something similar to put them into.
Anyone does use lyrics as a source of learning? What do you think about it? I’m curious…

It would be interesting but I think it could be difficult with copyright.

you are able to import copyrighted material into your workdesk since you keep it private.
For example, if you buy an audio book and the equivalent ebook, you can import them to your workdesk so you can study the book, but you can’t share them.

I think this is an interesting idea. When we finally get around to improving the Store/WorkDesk I think we should have an area for song lyrics. These can be copyrighted songs for our own use, or out of copyright material to share. I can see Christmas carols, children’s songs and folk songs, all of which are free of copyright. We may have to record ourselves singing them however. We should then have a thumbs up and thumbs down icon to eliminate people who sing badly, like me.

What about The Girl from Inpanema. Is that free of copyright? Come on Ana let’s hear you.

Sorry Ipanema ( a typo again.) We will also get an edit feature here on the forum.

Well, I’m using the “other” to categorize my lyrics, just as one more item type. I believe there are a lot of songs freely available at the Internet, mainly by young artists, that would be glad for having their songs spread.
Steve, although “Garota de Ipanema” is an well-know Brazilian icon, I guess it is not copyright free. Anyway, I’m absolutely sure that you don’t want to hear me!
But the idea of a virtual karaoke is really interesting. This could be quite funny! I guess it would be a very popular feature, don’t you?
Mark is gonna kill us…

thanks for writing - I have some items on my private workdesk that are not copyright free. I like to learn with.

In Germany we have special and strong rights I think.
Here the owner from a website is responsible and liable for all what is on his site if he doesn’t dissociate with special words and signals.
I know it is quite expensive to use a picture i.e. that is not clearly as free named.

I’ll never complain about Karaoke! We’ll have to add it to a future version… We’ll post the lyrics and have a competition to see who gets to provide the audio.