Do you take the time to skim the subtitles of a movie before watching it?

Do you take the time to skim the subtitles of a movie before watching it? For example, downloading the srt file and lingQing unknown words before starting to watch a film/series in your target language, or doing the same thing after completing the film.
My primary objective with films is to have a good time, not to treat them like study material. Yet, I think that it would be beneficial to understand as much as I can and make watching it uninterrupted.
If you do work with subs before watching the content, how do you do it without spoiling something?


As per usual I do it before watching the episode. It helps me keep track of the story line and enjoy the whole show instead of looking for a bunch of unknown words and struggling.
If you wondered, I’m experienced in the other way as well. Yes it works but at what cost?

When you get the knowledge about the new stuff in the movie, you can easily match your imagination of it with what it actually means. That’s what helps me remember almost everything after days of not reviewing them if something comes up.


My somewhat obsessive style is to watch films first in English audio / French subtitles, then French audio / English subtitles, then French audio/French subtitles.

Although most films I’m interested in are English audio / French subs or French audio / English subs.


I’ve tried reading the subtitles before and after watching a movie/TV series. These days I’m not really into it as I find it kinda boring. Instead I just import the movie/TV series in from Netflix after I watch it to just add the stats: +1x read, if I watched it with subtitles on. You can go through the vocabulary list of New Words to mark Known ones too, if you feel like it.

If you watch the movie/TV series with Language Reactor or @roosterburton’s tools, you have dual subtitles and the ability to look-up words on the fly. This will increase your understanding.


One thing I occasionally do is to skim through the blue words before watching the movie and make all familiar words known or ignore those that are no real words, so that after watching the movie I can take a look at the script and merely focus on new and unknown words. As you said watching movies is more a reward than an intense learning experience. They are also a challenge of how much of the language and culture you already understand.