Do you Keep all Done Courses on Your Library?

How do you organise your library?

After adding a bunch of courses I feel there are too many.
Not sure if deleting or not once I completely finished one.
I very rarely go back and redo the same stuff again.

Same thing for old lessons I have imported, like articles, emails and so on.

Deleting from the library doesn’t really change anything on the software memory if we have done or not that course or lesson right? It will always appear as done? What else could it change?

What’s your best approach?


I just delete whatever I have finished, I try to listen to it in the playlist at least 20 times, or less if it is too easy, and if I know most of the words I delete it. Not sure about the individual lessons, but for courses. I don’t think you could loose any achievement you have done because all the known words stay known and Lingqs as Lingqs.

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You can “archive” completed lessons.

How do you exactly archive it?

I’m not even able to repeat an entire course 2 times, I get bored too easily :open_mouth:

It appears possible only if you have the original “Classic” Lingq version, which I use.
Sorry, but judging by your membership start date, you probably don’t have it.
Deletion may be your only option. The lessons remain available for you to reacquire.
Good luck

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Yes, in fact I only have the delete option. Thanks.