Do you have a favorite language?

Hard question, I’m aware. For some people it might easier asking which child they prefer, but I digress. I’m not sure if I can answer my own question. I speak only 2 languages and I’m currently learning a third. However, I thought it might be a fun thing to ask. It’s only human nature to make up a trivial list in the order in which our favorites fall. If you find the question to ridiculous, maybe you can tell me why you like a certain language?

Chinese and Japanese. I can’t split them - just like I can’t choose between my 5 kids :slight_smile:

German. I restarted learning it. I love its mysteriously logical complexity in grammar.


No, not really. I’m the most interested in Russian because I’m inspired to learn it right now. But, I know I’d like to learn other languages in the future as well.

All languages are beautiful.
Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to learn all of them.
I like more Russian, German and Engli8sh because I speak more fluently these languages.
But I enjoy listening to French, Italian, Spanish and Polish as well.

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I would never choose a ‘favorite’ because it fluctuates.

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I love German, Japanese, Russian and Hungarian. The day I wake up and find that I can speak all of them fluently, I’ll feel like a god! And I’m definitely going to strive every day to achieve that some day.

And I love English of course, which was the first (and so far only) language I mastered, that was not spoken in everyday life where I grew up.