Do you find yourself exhausted when learning difficult things?

Do you know this feeling after a lesson when you have had a teacher who continued to grill you on the things that you were not so good at? You have this feeling of having been bulldozered. Then other teachers just let you breeze through the lesson. Then when you are studying on your own, you procrastinate and do not study the items that are most difficult but instead improve the ones are you already good at?

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the stuff that makes me the most exhausted from studying is the stuff that is actually the hardest to grasp. Anyone concur/disagree?

So can “we” conclude we should do the difficult bits first thing :slight_smile:

How are you going to master a language then
:slight_smile: (go all the way)

I have not been in a classroom for language study for almost 45 years. When I study on my own, I just skim over the difficult parts, assuming that there is no need to struggle with something that will be easier for me later, when more of the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle are in place.

Do the difficult things first if they are more important than the easy ones. If not, I think it’s OK to leave them till later.

I think I agree with Jeff. Right now I’m going to focus more on Spanish/more relevant right now and I’m a complete beginner, but it is also easier than french/ which I fight quite difficult as the words seems to blur into each other and when listening to the same material over and over for even 15 minutes it puts me to sleep, lol, I have no idea why, maybe its soothing, and I find french accents sexy. German is my strongest so I “should” focus on that the least, but am tempted to work on it more because of the familiarity and comfort. I by nature am quite a procrastinator and have found the only solution to that is to do the most difficult/important thing first, get it over with then focus on the less important. This site is great for measuring such things like “activity” on a certain language, I’ll make it my priority to have my “activity score” highest in spanish then french and last but not least german.

I avoid difficult things. I always do the easy ones. There is no need to be exhausted. I do not want my learning to be annoying.

I just find the entire learning process exhausting! I was never one for taking naps during the day, but ever since I started learning German, I’ve started taking a nap in the early afternoon! Maybe it’s just too much for my tired old brain! :slight_smile:

I am sure your brain is just fine, no doubt, it is just preparing fertile ground by forcing you to take a nap!