Do you feel the pleasure ?!

Do you feel the pleasure when your brain start to create the basic connections or grid or whatever of the target language you learn ?
Really what a pleasure !

Yes, very much so. I’ve wondered how much of the pleasure that I have got from reading a few novels is due to the quality of the books, and how much is simply due to the mental stimulation from reading in my target language. Perhaps I am very much enjoying some very mediocre books!


Yes, what a pleasure! How nice to have brought up this topic. Only seldom do we talk about feelings and even less about feelings, knowledge and language.

What I have noticed is that my “cliché/mediocrity tolerance threshold” varies dramatically according to language. I do tolerate it much more when expressed in a language I’m learning as opposed to a language that I feel a “master” (if you can ever really “master” a language).
I can actually enjoy rather lame material in a new language. My criterion gets stricter as I learn. It actually feels good to be able to take pleasure in a wider variety of content.
Anyway, I’m sure that both you and I are already enjoying Russian literature that is by no means mediocre. Your past posts have made me want to read “Лавр” for example.

“Evil” P.S. As an example, I sometimes regret that I have a “too high” level of English. Who knows? When I was more of a beginner, I could’ve actually enjoy the all-too-frequent “political” post that iterates the same trite and biased points just to show allegiance to one’s pet agenda (be it from one or another part of the political spectrum). And you get that even on Lingq! Over and over again O_o!

Maybe I could learn to like it if it were written in Russian or Persian?

Quite often, I do. I get excited when I am listening to something unpredictable in my target language (Spanish) and I realize that I understand the gist. What I mean by unpredictable is listening (eavesdropping, really) when I’m out shopping, or overhearing someone chatting on their phone, or tuning into a local Spanish radio station, etc. But occasionally I get frustrated when I get lost. It happens. But for me its about 95% pleasure.

I was in Paris in July 2015 the trip was quite a disaster linguistically. I had studied French for a few years and at the beginning of my trip I was quite confident that I would manage basic tourist situation in French. Well as it turned out I didn’t, I took a taxi to the airport on the day of my departure.

I asked the taxi driver in french if he speaks English. He did not, to avoid a awkward silence and to finally put my French to use so I said I speak a little bit of French. He imminently got very exited and wondered at first if I am British. I answered that I come from Finland and he got even more exited and started to ask me all kinds of question in French.

At first I regretted that I had stated that I speak French but after a few minutes I started to get the hang of it and when I arrived at the airport I was very ecstatic that I manage to communicate with my taxi driver in albeit somewhat broken French, after only using the phrase “est-ce vous parlez anglais?” for the whole trip until that point.


In these days, I study language only for pleasure. I really get excited while sending post on forums or my girlfriend asks me the meaning of a sentence in Spanish. As I mentioned million times on the forum, I study BA in the german speaking department, therefore I had to learn German. It was like a torture because of the exams, reproduction of the texts, the grammar rules and the propositions… But now, I study languages just for having fun. The community here, the videos of Steve on youtube and some other enjoyable contents like movies, TV series, spanish contents on youtube and the books are very encourging.

Some people like to go to gym (Once I was one of them) some people like to spend time with online games and I like to hang out with my stuffs. So, now I am going to read El Zorro. :slight_smile:

For this reason someone try to learn a new language rather than English to get more pleasure

You just unleashed the desire of speaking French after a long time of suppression, so I believe that a person should speak the language that he read and listen, even he just record for himself in the case of he can ot find a language partner

welcome to you my friend, you are typically as me, These days I am writing and speaking English, and watching Turkish Grammar videos.Türkçe çok seviyorum !

Well, good for you. Başarılar! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think my unwillingness to speak French at first had to do with the fact that I did not want to make a fool out of myself. Ironically I manage to do that by stressing too much about speaking.