Do they want us to see the activities of all the members at LingQ?

Have all the members at LingQ became my friends? We can see the activities of all the members now. We used to be able to see only the activities whom we had “friended.”
I wonder when they changed the principle?


誰がどんなタイトルの文章を読んでいるのか、誰が誰のウォールに書き込みをしたのか、誰がどのようなタイトルのスレッドを始めたのか、ということは、たしかに興味深いことであり、私たちの好奇心を満足させてくれますが、政治的気自由、思想的自由などが極端に制限された環境――たとえば修道院の中とか(?)――からLingQにアクセスしている人などに災難をもたらしたりすることはないのでしょうか。 Big Brother is Watching You!

>たとえば修道院の中とか(?)――からLi ngQにアクセスしている人

What language do you think they are most likely to learn?


政治的気自由 → 政治的自由



「禁書目録が公式に廃止されるのは1966年6月14日の教理省宣言(AAS 58, p.445)および同年11月15日の同省教令(同 p.1186)によってである.」(ウィキペディア)

The name of this forum is “Open Forum on LingQ.” You cannot find any rules on this forum that prohibit my writing in Japanese. I hope that all the members who have interest in the sentences written in Japanese will start learning the Japanese language.

The verb “friend” can be used as follows:
I friend someone.
I was friended by someone.

In the first post of this thread, “Have all the members at LingQ became my friends?” should read "Have all the members at LingQ become my friends? "

“I wonder when they changed the principle?”
I used the word “they” because “we” had had no information about the change, that is, the introduction of the “all the members are friends” principle. What comes next?

@Yutaka - Yes, you can now filter between All Members’ and Friends’ activities. This was added when we implemented the new Friends page and is particularly good for new members who have no friends but want to find friends and need to understand what is supposed to happen on this page. The idea in sharing activities is that it will motivate others to do more if they see friends or other members actively participating. It also gives suggestions on lessons or conversations to join.

We have always been able to see the activities of other members. We could always click on anyone’s username and see their profile. We have always published the learner of the month stats and yutaka, you have usually featured quite high on that list.

We believe that sharing this information is one of the ways in which we can try to overcome the “loneliness of the distance learner”, and encourage more interaction and more effective learning. We are a learning community. People who do not know us can at least know about our learning activities if they are interested. It might inspire them to learn, or inspire them to make friends with us. It might inspire members to help each other.

Personally I am against this. I do not think that every random person needs to know what I’m studying, or on whose wall I post comments, etc. That’s just what I think.

I really do not Understand this concern. Perhaps we can set it up so that people can opt out, for those for whom this is a problem.

I think that is what you should do. There are people on the internet who take care about privacy. I would really appreciate if users can opt in and out.

yes, this is a good solution!

I’m not sure why this is something to get upset about. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset. I’m just trying to understand for my own education what the concerns are.)

Is what one is studying on LingQ really that private? Even if this feature is disabled, one can still go to your wall and your activities list. They can still tell who you have conversations with by the comments posted there. Sure, this feature puts it on one page… but was there any reasonable expectation of privacy before?

You may argue: “But it should be!”

I ask… why? Why does it matter if someone sees that I’ve been reading Steve’s book in French, or listening to some of Vera’s simple German lessons? What does that tell you about me?

Now - I think the new feature is less than useful for other reasons. Mostly because… well, I take a laissez-faire attitude. I don’t honestly care what other people that I don’t know are studying, so I never use the page. (I don’t even look at the friends section, really.) But the fact that I don’t find it useful doesn’t the feature should go away.

I am in Galiana’s camp. I prefer to think of LingQ as a totally public space and I don’t understand why people are so worried… unless they are worried about LingQing on company time…:wink:

Well those who have a problem with this (I don’t, I don’t care either way) must have a reason to feel “threatened” by the loss of their privacy. I’m not sure what is so important to keep private in this site, but if they care then there’s a reason why they do and I feel their opinion should be taken into consideration.

As Steve and Vera already said, having the option of opting out of this new change is the best option.