Do people get paid for this?

Do people get paid for this?

Question: I’d like to know the word “paid” here is adjective or passive voice, or something else?

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In the sentence, “do people get paid for this?,” the whole verb would be ‘to get paid.’ It is a verb here!

In this context that you’ve mentioned, the speaker is wondering if someone is getting money for the work that they’re doing. Depending on the speakers tone and emphasis, it could have many different connotations…

Most of the time, I’d expect this speaker to be surprised that someone is getting paid to do something fun, easy, or just ridiculous. For example, if someone is a professional hot dog eater, someone might see it for their first time and they might be shocked enough to ask or say, “Do people get paid for this?!” or "Do people get paid to do this?!

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And yes, it is passive voice.

Active voice: Someone pays people to do this. Someone pays people for this. (whatever ‘this’ is)

Passive voice: People get paid [by someone] to do this. People get paid for this.

And as I think you know, ‘do’ is used for emphasis or to form questions:

People do get paid to do this. People do get paid for this.

Do people get paid to do this? Do people get paid for this?

Or in the negative (also expressing disbelief, but stronger than in the affirmative):

People don’t get paid to do this, do they? People don’t get paid for this, do they?

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