Do manually added listening hours count as coins (for challenges)?

I listen to podcasts and netflix external to lingQ and was wondering why when I add my hours manually I don’t receive any coins for the challenges.

I do nearly all my listening outside of LingQ and noticed in the challenges I don’t seem to receive a lot of credit for listening despite me adding time. Although early on I think i was doing some listening inside the app and it really didn’t seem to be adding much from that either. So really not sure. It doesn’t feel like it’s counting listening much at all.

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The activities need to be done inside the LingQ app to award coins.


If that is the case, I feel it would be better if they just removed it. Because it isn’t really possible to listen to netflix through lingQ or an audiobook.

If outside listening was counted towards coins, the coin total would become meaningless as one could just artificially inflate it whenever one needed to.

It would be pretty easy to inflate for purposes of winning a challenge in “legit” ways too. Join a challenge in a language you already know for example, or just simply mark everything known as you go through it. Run through your playlist without even listening. I see the challenges really as more of a motivational kick in the butt to try and go a bit beyond what your normal limits are.


what is podcast do you listen?

In 4.0 the listening was really spotty IIRC. I am not sure how it works in 5.0 as I just do my tracking in LingQ, but no actual listening within LingQ.

I added outside listening a few times and it did not count toward my coins for the day either.

One bug I did notice, though, is that when I go to a course and click “play course audio”, I do not get listening credit for that either.

I only get credit for playing things in my playlist and for playing lessons that I have opened. My playlist even gives me incremental credit if I don’t finish listening to the entire lesson, but many times an open lesson I play partially will not. The player has to hit the end of the file for some reason to register listening credit unless I’m clicking it from my audio playlist.

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