Do Lingq has plans to include south Asian languages? (Thai,Vietnamese,Burmese,Khmer...)

I love south Asian languages, because They most have very special writing systems, and most are tonal languages

Tonal languages are fun, every words has its own tone, every words has its own pitch, phonation, intensity, and duration, but it also makes it very challenging to master

Do Lingq has plans to include south Asian languages?


We do, as soon as we get high quality mini stories for them, we will have them added. For some of languages you mentioned we already have stories, but not all are great quality, so at the moment we are looking into getting a better version.


That’s a great news! I appreciate the hard working of LingQ team
Can you please upload it as soon as possible, I can’t wait to see them on LingQ

I think people don’t mind if the mini stories are low or high quality.
People are always patient with beta version, we can tolerate imperfections in beta version
Especially for those minor languages, every lesson is a treasure


A great start. Can you give an indication of when Hindi or Urdu are going to be added. Hindi I think is the fourth most spoken language in the world. I was under the impression that the mini stories have been ready for some time.


@zoran I don’t want to be annoying but do you know if the Punjabj mini-stories audio are of good quality? I remember a few months ago Steve saying they did have the 60 mini-stories done but I’m recently seeing that some languages were not done in good quality, therefore delaying their release.

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@zoran A possible suggestion for sometime in the future. It might be useful to have a page where people can view which languages are in progress and an estimated time/what needs to be completed before they will be added. A centralised system may help reduce the number of people asking about new languages in the forum and also help users know what’s going on. I appreciate there’s still a lot going on since V5 is quite new.


I strongly second what you said, because not only will it help reduce the threads in the forum asking for languages, but it might also be an incentive for LingQ to be accountable to itself and make reasonable predictions.
This is important in order not to create negative sentiments among the users: hearing that a language will be added only in the long term (e.g. in 3 years) is far less irritating than being told that it will be added in a matter of weeks/months only to see that after 2 years nothing has moved and, what’s more, to read that there are no plans to add it anytime soon.
I yet have to start using this website but, between this type of issues and the ones related to the new version, it seems like communication and accountability to claims are massive problems here.
And I wholeheartedly swear that, although I sound annoyed as I in fact am, I am saying this in LingQ’s best interest: how much more traffic would there be? How many more happy users and subsricptions? How much more/less positive/negative word of mouth?


Hi Zoran
Can I have an answer to my question please

@marlene666 No, I won’t be giving any time-frames anymore, due to negative reactions on the forum when I did that for previous languages. We do have mini stories in Urdu and Hindi, but they require improvement. We will announce once we are ready to launch.

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@skorpi09irl Unfortunately some of the Punjabi Mini Stories audios also need to be improved. Our content team is working on it so we should hopefully get better version.

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That’s sad and disapointing


Do you have a plan to add the Amharic language? I’m a teacher of a lot of new Immigrants from Ethiopia and need this language.


cool…really looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

They’ve been talking about adding Thai for over 10 years. So there’s not much hope it will be added soon. It’s just frustrating to wait forever without any change. That’s why I’ll cancel my LingQ subscription as long as there’s no change.


I actually think releasing a language with mini stories and other basic lessons of lower quality would be a disservice to the language. I would much prefer to wait for higher quality material. If you are an advanced learner, it does not matter so much, but for beginners it is crucial to have high quality material to pick up the correct pronunciation and basic patterns of speech. Sloppy recordings do not help. (and people would then complain about why the quality is so poor, and why did LingQ not do a better job, etc.)