Do custom made lessons remain saved?

Hi, I’m new to LingQ. After much hesitation I decided to try for one month and I’m liking it so far.

But I was wondering what happens to custom made lessons if, for example, I decide to take a break for a month and go to free membership during that time. Do my lessons remain or do they get deleted? I’ve dedicated quite some time to create my own private course with short stories, audio files, and even pictures to accompany them, so it would be a hassle to lose them all because I decided to take a break for a month from premium membership. And would I also lose all the LingQs as well?

If you downgrade to Free, we do remove your content since Free accounts are only allowed 5 imports. However, we do have a Vacation membership option to store your data. You’re probably better off to pay for a year at a significant discount and then not worry about taking a month off.

Thank you for the information.