Do all the beginning lessons have the same content?

hi , i realized that english beginning lessons cointained the same material, i mean the same stories with the italian ones(who is she, greetings, eating out) i just want to know that each of the beginning lessons in every language have the same dialogs? I do not check all the translations all the time(which sounds bad) to learn the meaning of the dialog which i study but sometimes to take a look at the one sentence that i do not understand helps me a lot… if it is so it will be great for me.

The lessons which have translations are identified in the description of the lesson. However, if there are no translations I suggest you use google translate which will give you a fair idea of what the text is all about, and set you up to save words and phrases and listen using the LingQ method.

i did not see any description of the lessons… just skipped reading, I guess. I will be more carefull… thank you steve for your explanation… And just want to know are you fluent in italian… if it is so… how many years it took? 1,2?

i am patient by the way…:slight_smile:

I manage in Italian, read, listen to audio books but I am a little rusty since I have not spent much time in Italy and rarely speak it. I have listened to a number of audio books like I Promessi Sposi, Pinocchio etc… I have a collection of audio books in Italian. I am also doing a little Italian at LingQ along with my other languages.

The problem is that the hint is in the description of the collection. Once you’ve opened a lesson you cannot see this hint anymore. Maybe it would help to show the description of the collection on the lesson page (maybe in the sidebar or at the bottom)?

Good point Vera, I will look into it.