Display more flags and known word counts in users' forum profiles

It looks like only a maximum of three flags and known word counts are displayed for each user above their posts in the forum. Is there a reason why more can’t be (or aren’t being) displayed for users who have more? Also, what is the formula for determining which ones get displayed? I thought it would be the most recently active ones but I just ran a small test in Safari and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I think it’s important because when someone posts about a certain language, it’s helpful for everyone else to see what that person’s level is in that language. Or if their level in all other languages is known, someone might be able to help them based on that, etc.

I have wondered that too but I have not got around to asking witch reminds me of another question I have about flags on Lingq. It is nothing important really but I am curious. Latin has (I assume) been promoted to supported language at least it is now in the drop down menu next to the word count. Before the flag used to look something like this in the link below, now it is a generic beta language flag.


It’s about the most recent languages you have studied.

It’s about the most recent languages you have studied. Eg. Last week I opened the greek/english mini stories o hear the style of recording and that’s why they are shown behind my Chinese stats (which I have opened/studied daily since then)

You’re right about the Latin flag, I hadn’t noticed that. It used to be a red flag with a white cross, I believe.

As I said in the OP, I thought it would be most recent but it doesn’t seem to be. I just opened a Spanish lesson but my flags are Portuguese, French and Italian.

The languages with the highest activity score are displayed first. The activity score is displayed for every your language on the Profile page.

So, you have 674 for Portugues, 170 for English, 47 for French, 10 for Italian and Latin. English flag is not displayed here because it is your native language.

Thanks for the clarification on why certain flags are shown. I still think showing more than three would be helpful, though.

word count is a poor indicator of a level of someones language skills here

At least it may show how much time the user has spent with a language.

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If memory serves, Steve has discussed this at length on his YouTube channel. Yes, the word count at LingQ is not necessary representative of the total number of words known in a language, but it is a good metric to show progress in the language and (I find) serves as a good motivator!


Ehh sort of. I’m in the minority here. I have a low word count but high number of hours of listening/reading. I also am only studying one language! It doesn’t seem people have a lot of reading/listening relative to their word count.

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The point is not whether word count is a good indicator or not. But LingQ does display word count and it can at least give you a ballpark idea of someone’s level. I’m just asking that they display it for all languages instead of three.

words learned and words read are also very important. I recognize/understand a lot of words when reading Ukrainian but I still speak like a 6 year old.


If you want a full survey of someone’s wordscount in more than three languages, just click on his name above the post.


yeah might be my spanish word count is low here because i don’t practice that language here or very much period nowadays but i am able to read advanced content here and still speak it with out problems after not readiing or listening to it for a long time so i still can be helpful to anyone on the language

Did you move from Barbados to the Caymans?

no i am staying in the caymans for a few weeks on a project

Then, I am beating you! I speak like a 7 year old!

But in all seriousness, are you in Ukraine right now?

Yup. Too lazy to study grammar on my own so I am taking a 2 months ukrainian grammar class in Kyiv.