Disliking this interface

I originally subscribed for one month at the lowest level. Now I’d like to know what a subscription to the higher level of service would get me. Am I limited in the number of LingQs I can create?

Also, the LingQ site doesn’t display very well on my small laptop and I’m wondering if my level of subscription has anything to do with it. Additionally, it doesn’t appear that there’s a good way to put questions to someone at LingQ, so find myself wondering whether this really is a good way of trying to learn a language.

Your account is already Premium and you have unlimited access to it. You can change to Premium Plus, in case you want to get monthly allowance in points too, if you are interested in tutoring activities.

Your subscription level doesn’t have anything to do with the site display on your device. What device are you using?

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The laptop I was having trouble with was an HP Elite 13" 2-in-1 convertible. The text would appear in a very small size but the bar that allows you to play the audio didn’t appear.

I’m probably more often at my iMac and haven’t had any problems with it. Though the interface seems a little clunky and not so user-friendly (at least to me), I think some of of my problems have to do with lack of familiarity with the program. I also want to “read” a whole story on the screen, but the story usually scrolls off while the audio continues to play.

Try a different browser. I’m on Linux and it works fine on Brave and Chrome.

I was using Firefox. When I switched to Chrome (or maybe Edge) the page displayed better. Thanks. But Now I can see that there are many more “lessons” than I saw to begin with.