Discussions in the Speak section

We need more discussion times in all languages.

The Speak section has been fixed now. Those who are already set up as tutors, please create more discussions, even if, at first you have few participants. It is sort of chicken and egg.

The most successful tutors are those who create content and set up many discussion times. Eventually they create a following.

I also hope more tutors create group discussions. These are a little more work but they show up better in the Speak page.

If you want to tutor in your language please contact me.

I’ll be back to my usual discussion times in September when the kids are back at school!

I have studied the tutor’s manual and would like to do some tutoring. I cannot promise many discussion times at the moment but hope to be able to find some slots during the school year starting in September.

Hi Steve,

I’ve just created some discussions but I don’t know if the hours will suit to students hour. You know I only know that I am free between 7 and 7.30 AM just before driving to the office.

We will see.

Thanks everyone. Alleray, Mark will set you up as a tutor today. Many thanks. I will sign up. It is time I started speaking more accurate Geman!!

Thanks a lot. I’m looking forward to it,