Discounted memberships

Hi, is the promotion for discounted yearly memberships still going on? I thought it was until January something - I don’t see the option to buy one. I’d like to buy one for someone as a gift.

これのことでしょうか?→ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from LingQ! please scroll down this page and you’ll see how to buy it. (until january 7th)

After logged in, you’ll find this enter above of the welcome page on lingQ.

Ah, yes, thanks, that’s the code for the discount. But I’m hoping to buy it for another person - not for myself. I can’t find any option to do that. I’ve e-mailed support though, so hopefully I’ll get an answer.

@Bortrun - You can buy the discounted membership as a gift at the following URL .

@Bortrun - oh I see. I thought the way which I told you was the way to buy it as a gift for someone… (enter E-mail address and something…) I didn’t know there’s another way to it. 別の方法もあったんですね!
I hope you’ll get it!