Disappearing lingQs!

I was studying the following lesson from Irene ( Login - LingQ ) – Malta- Sprachreise und vieles mehr Einleitung.

After I went through the entire lesson creating lingQs and understanding the text, I saved all the known words (left in blue). But when I went back to the lesson later to re-read and to listen to it again, I found that a few (approx. 21) lingQs I had created had not been saved and had gone in as known words.

Frustrating more than anything as I have to go back through and redo the lingQs though on the positive side, it will probably help me to remember those specific words.


Hi Nathan,

Do the LingQs show up in the My LingQs list on the right hand side of the page? Also, have you only noticed this for one lesson or for others as well?

This is the second lesson it has happened to but I thought that it was just a fluke the first time. No, they don’t show up as LingQs in the MyLingQs list.

Interesting. If you open that lesson up again and save these words then refresh the page, are they still saved after you refresh? I’m wondering if this is related to another issue we’re working on.

If you can find a way to reproduce the issue, that would be the most helpful. If we know how to replicate the problem then we can more easily figure out what’s going on.

Have you tried to lingq those words again? Re-highlight them and see what happens. Mine go yellow at that stage.

Nah, they come back up as blue if I re-highlight them.

It has happened again with a third lesson. When I refreshed, a number of my LingQs suddenly became known words and I have to LingQ them again.

Yeah, once they become blue, try to lingq them. For me, they go yellow and then the original term I lingqed is still there. Try it out.

Update: So, I went back and re-LingQed the lesson again and when I refreshed, they all came back up in blue again, but they didn’t disappear.

@nlamb89 - What browser and OS are you using? These problems are very strange and we can’t reproduce them. Can you take a screencast of what is happening to help us figure things out better? You can use Jing for that Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith if you don’t have a screen recording tool.

hi Mark

Windows 7 and google chrome.

It didn’t actually happen that time when I tried to take screenshots to show you :). Maybe I’m crazy

Oh I lied sorry, as you can see, after I refreshed, verkrampften which I had LingQ’d has gone…

http://tinyurl.com/7nucm8u --first time

http://screencast.com/t/EWWwQLbOg – post refresh

I tried creating LingQs in this lesson and everything worked as normal. Would you be able to try this in a different browser to see?

If you recreate the LingQs from this lesson (“werfen”, for example) by clicking “Search Dictionary”, does it show the old hint? If you then refresh the page again, does the same LingQ disappear?

Okay, I’ve tried on the latest IE browswer too and it did the same thing… some of the lingQs disappeared.

no it doesn’t show the old hint