Disable the "One of your friends created an account" email notification

Every time someone creates an account through my link, I get the “One of your friends created an account on LingQ using your referral URL” message. Is there a way to disable this email notification in particular? I want to receive some other emails, such as promotions, but those notifications are driving me crazy, and I don’t see any option anywhere to disable them.

Sorry JakubMarian, we are working on improving the ability to control notifications. We hope to have this setting available in the next few weeks. Please be patient a little longer.

Is this functionality available yet? Those emails are really annoying (I get several a day). Please fix this soon or I am going to remove links to LingQ from my website, so that I don’t have to read these emails. You do realize that people who are most annoyed by this are those who bring you the most money?