Disable Automatic Advancing of 1,23,4,Check when doing Review Flashcards

I really don’t like that the 1,23,4,Check for a lingq is advancing automatically when i do the review flashcards. I want manual control of them. Words are getting marked known way too fast now. Is there any way to disable this advancement of a word’s level?


In your review session, you see your cards two times, if you dont want to increase the level, dont know the words two times.

Mark has mentioned here before. They wont add the feature you are looking for so soon.

It wasn’t always like this. It’s a relatively recent change. Frankly, I think it’s shitty. It’s very annoying to be constantly lowering the level of words and even more annoying when some slip past me. It definitely makes the system worse that we can no longer control this. When I signed up it wasn’t like this. Why do websites always meddle with shit when it was just fine how it was.