Direct debit haven't set up

Today it was meant to be paid my membership for this month. I checked my bank account but there isn’t any direct debit set up, not even at the international payments. Usually when i initiate a direct debit, for example a mobile phone bill, it all the details appear on my bank account and I don’t need to do anything. I am not sure how it is with international payments because it is the first time I do it. So I don’t know if I have to set it up by myself or not.

I am worrying about it because I don’t want to loose my LingQs if there is something wrong with the payment!

And something else irrelevant with the above…
The edit boxes for starting a thread and the “New message” are larger than they should. They overlap with the “Search” and “Resent Posts” boxes. I don’t know if that happens because of my browser and which I actually I need to update…

It looks like you will be charged some time today. The billing does work on our clock here in Vancouver where it is only 10 in the morning right now. Don’t worry even if there is a problem with your payment, no data will be lost. Let me know tomorrow if there is an issue.

Regarding the text field overlapping, that sounds like a screen resolution issue. We will try and fix that here. The box should resize with the main white page area but doesn’t at lower screen resolutions. Thanks for letting us know.