Difficulty levels in the libraries. We need your help

We are going to improve the library in many ways over the next little while in a variety of ways.

One important task is to fix up the difficulty levels which are quite inconsistent. The main problem is when an intermediate or advanced content item is somehow rated as Beginner 2.

I would like all content providers to review their content, and even others, native speakers or learners, to come forward to volunteer to fix this up if you have the time.

Here are my thoughts on levels.

  1. There is never a problem in rating the difficulty level higher than it is. If you call an Intermediate item Advanced, the learner will not be unhappy. However, if an advanced item is rated as Beginner 2 or even Intermediate 1, this can cause problems.

  2. Most easy audio books, and conversations are at least Intermediate. Beginner content is usually content that is deliberately created for beginners.

Who is prepared to help out? This is a major task and with a lot of helping hands we can make the Library a lot easier to use.

If you are able to fix up even one collection or lesson it will help. As long as you err on the side of safety, making the lesson a higher level of difficulty, this will not cause any problems and only improve things.

I’ll be willing to help out, but I am not sure how I can. Would I just leave a comment on the lesson to say if the rating should be changed or not?

Those willing to help out will be provided with an editors pencil enabling them to go in and change the levels. Simply clicking on the pencil will open the text for editing.

In which case, I am willing to help out as much as I can.

Thank you. I will ask Mark to arrange a pencil for you. Which language(s) will you look at. The pencil is language specific.

I should say thank you James.

:slight_smile: I’ll be willing to look at English (as I am native), and also judge the levels for french, spanish and italian, as I am both studying those and have (I think) enough experience in them to judge reasonably what levels they are at. If I can do only one language, I think English would be best.

“The pencil is language specific”.
Wonderful ! I can imagine Groucho Marx coming out with that one.

Happy to help with French, Italian and German.

As far as I know the German library is well rated. I’m sure for my articles.

I am also willing to help and am a native English speaker with a Midwestern U.S. accent. Would I be assigned specific topics to review? Is there a way to know what lessons other members are working on? Or do you want several members reviewing the same lessons?
Marj B.

Vera, I had a look at the German library just quickly now and it seems to be in the best shape. However, there are inconsistencies like

Login - LingQ (Wanhoffs wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft, Folge 183-208) which shows up as Beginner 2.

To track down all the lessons that are graded inappropriately is a huge task. I suspect that our attempt at automatically grading these lessons for difficulty is largely to blame. The more hands the better.


Thanks. There are so many lessons, that if people just make adjustments to any items that they see with the wrong level, that will do. Again I am not concerned about differences between Intermediate and Advanced levels, but only with more difficult texts that appear labeled as Beginner texts.

If a whole collection is out of whack, it may be best to contact the providers and ask them to help. That is probably the best first step. Often it is just one or a few items in a collection that has been (perhaps automatically) given the wrong difficulty level.

Again we are not looking for close judgments of difficulty, just obviously intermediate and higher content that shows up as Beginner 1 or 2.

The more help the better since I do not think we can change the levels for collections but only for individual lessons. This is a big job.

Thanks. I am willing to help.

Marj B.

I will help too, mostly with Italian and French, but maybe with the other languages too. I already have the pencils.

@Steve: You’re right. This is the one of my collection that I didn’t overwork since LingQ invented the level of lessons. It has so many items that I put the change of the level of this collection behind. I’ll have a look at this collection immediately :slight_smile:

May I also correct the levels of lessons shared by LingQ? For example, I have just seen that the Divine Comedy in Italian is marked “Advanced 1”, while The Miserables in French are marked “Advanced 2”. I think it should be the opposite. If there is one book I would rank as “Advanced 2”, it is the Divine Comedy! I would move Les Misérables down to Advanced 1, because the text isn’t so difficult, apart from some vocabulary, and it is read pretty clearly, in my opinion.

I agree that there needs to be a plan of action of sorts. I’ve checked my lessons and am happy with their status.

When I did a similar regrading exercise some time last year I initially concentrated on the Beginners levels (English, Swedish, Spanish and French, I think). The automatic grading had allocated some parts of, for example, “Who is She?” to all sorts of different levels.

Would the consensus go for the lowest common denominator in a large collection or would you upgrade a whole collection because of some ‘tricky’ episodes?

Michele, of course we want to improve the accuracy of the levels for Intermediate and Advaced content as well but it is the Beginner area that is sort of urgent.

I think that inthe Beginner section we can fluctuate from Beginner one to two and no more. In Intermediate and above there can be bigger differeces within a collection. What do you think?

Perhaps it would be a good idea to think in terms of conforming to the scope of the European language framework, as per A1 thorough to C2, such as for the TCF, TEF, DELF and DALF, and the equivalent that applies to German, etc. This should avoid a lot of reinventing the wheel, and be useful for LingQers who are thinking of taking these tests, or simply would like to have a better idea about what they have achieved.

Ok, Steve. I am changing the level of the collection “I consigli per imparare l’italiano” (those lessons with too much text in English) from Beginner I to Beginner II. By the way, should all beginner contents have Beginner I or II as Category. In the lessons of my Bulgarian collections, I selected “Travel” as a category. Should I recategorize them?

I would like to change the level of a lesson, but the description is too long according to the current character limits. What should I do?