Difficulties with opening courses

Last week I have difficulties with opening the courses in the library.
When I open the course, I see only the name of the course, but I can’t see and therefore I can’t open the lessons of the course.
For example today I couldn’t open the lessons of the German course ‘Drei Minuten für Gesundheit’, yesterday some of English courses.

@evgueny40 - Do you mean that you can’t see the lessons in the course? If the course shows as blank, be sure to check the filters on the left to see if anything is checked that would prevent the lessons from appearing.

Thanks Alex! It was the certain level that’s why I could open the courses only of this level.
Now it’s OK because I took off the certain level.

I seem to be having the same problem. With this course Login - LingQ (IOCTL_MAKE_MY_LITTLE_GRAY_CELLS_WORK), with all levels checked from Beginner 1 to Advanced 2 I see only two lessons. However, I have already been through at least 1/2 dozen lessons this morning, following the “Open next lesson in course” link at the bottom of the lessons.

When I click on either of the lessons listed on this “course” page, I receive “Oops we can’t find the page you’re looking for . . . .”

When I refresh this “course” page, the levels are reset to Intermediate 1 and 2, which is what the setting was when I first arrived on this page today, but things don’t improve any…

This is while using the Chrome web browser on a Windows 7 system.

@Ernie - I checked this lesson and it actually looks like the lessons are private. This can happen for several reasons, but the most likely case is that the provider chose to unshare the course.

alex, Thanks much for checking. So, I was (and am) able to chain through them because I had an address of one of the lessons, is that right? No need to answer quickly–it is Saturday, after all. I think (but am not sure, and my browser history is unclear) that I found the address by simply doing a LingQ library search. If it’s possible to reach private lessons via public lessons in the same course, that would make the “private” lessons in the course not so private, I suppose. Anyway, thanks again. I guess I’ll keep a good link handy until I’ve finished listening to them all. :slight_smile: . . . [added] unless of course the course owner no longer wants them visible at all. I guess I’ll stop.

@Ernie - Have you previously opened a lesson from this course, or did you come across it in another way? If you have already opened the lesson then it will still be contained in your My Lessons section, but you shouldn’t be able to access additional lessons through the “Next Lesson in Course” link unless you had previously opened those other lessons as well.

alex, The way I found one of these lessons this morning was by doing a search for “Courses” in the library. This course was right at the top. I know I opened a lesson or two or three from this course a couple years ago. They must have been public then. But I am sure that I did not open all these lessons two years ago. I stopped listening very quickly after two or three, because the presentation was much too fast for me. But it seems that now that I have one of the lessons open, I am able to keep going through them, from “new” lesson to “new” lesson in the chan.

Is that what you wanted to know? Ask away

@Ernie - OK, thanks for the additional information. We’ll take a closer look into this to see what is going on here, and I’ll let you know if we need any other information!