Difficulties with new format

There were always some aggravating issues with the old format, but I find the new one intolerable. Slow, freezes, pages won’t turn, many stories and podcasts won’t download. I have been completely frustrated this week and, yes, I have made sure that it is not my computer. I understand that there are always a few kinks to work out in a new program, but this is awful. I hope that some of the staff reads these threads. Are others of you experiencing the same difficulties?


We pushed an update today that should deal with the issues you mentioned. Can you give it another try now and let me know if you see an improvement?

I think the update today made it worse, now the right side of the lesson screen is 100% blank and when you click on the words, the box appears over the text itself.

Thank you for your response, Zoran. First, sorry for the frustration expressed in my first email - it was not very professional. I am happy to say that I had no trouble last night and today using the site. I was only studying one “course”, but it worked very well. I’ll let you know if there are more issues. Thanks, Leon

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Can you try clearing cache and cookies and then give it another try?

Try clicking the arrow icon in the top right. That’ll toggle between having the popup over the text or locked on the sidebar.

I’m not particularly happy with the new format, either.
Haven’t had issues with stuff not working, I just don’t like the way they do work.
I’ve almost stopped using LingQ completely. Still have the subscription, but certainly considering cancelling it.


  1. Lesson summary doesn’t fit on the screen. I have to scroll to see it all? Goofy.

  2. The auto-magnification of many things when you mouse over them.

  3. Finding things. (Granted, I could get used to it.)