Difficulties when conversing in English

Hello all,

I’m Chang from France. I’m not good in English, so I want to learn it because I have some friends who speaks only in English, and I have some difficulties to converse with them :stuck_out_tongue:
When I read a text in English, I understand it, but it’s complicated and more difficult for me to speak with someone in English. I have never had a discussion more than 1mn with someone in English lol.
What do you advise me to do ?


Just start speaking. You have a lot of words, now it is time to talk. The more you talk the better you will get. Don.t worry about making mistakes, just communicate.

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Listen to English a lot. When you are accustomed to the sound of English, speaking is more easier.

Thanks all. I agree with you Malacenko, actually the most problematic thing for me is to speak, but I noticed that I take some time to analyse and understand what is said to me when I listen to someone speaking in English (when I read English, it’s more easier because I have a time to analyse and reread phrases). I think that I have to fix that, and the speaking will be a little more easy after.
I think that watching movies/TV show etc in English and subtitled in English will help me with my problem, don’t you think ? Moreover, I like that.
Do you know where can I download legally some movies/TV show etc in English and subtitled in English ?
Thanks again.

I have the same problem in French. I understand really a lot, I even know many grammar rules, but when it comes to speaking, I make many mistakes (gender, verb forms, …) and I don’t remember certain words (that later come to my mind easily)… Every conversation is frustrating. Maybe I am too much a perfectionist?

To get the gender right you need to read, listen and speak a lot, I speak from experience., Meanwhile don’t even worry about it. Ditto for words that you forget under the pressure of speaking, but remember later when there is no pressure. The words, you may start to notice better and eventually remember when you need them. The gender is just a long long long process…no different with German by the way.

Long live the people who speak incorrectly for they will eventually improve!