Different way to start a lesson

I’m new at LingQ, so maybe I didn’t fully understand how it works, but I think lessons are not structured in an intuitive and comfortable way: when I start a new lesson, all words are marked as unknown, and I have to unmark most of them, one by one, leaving marked only the ones I actually don’t know.
Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I mean, wouldn’t it better if I had to higlight only unknown words during reading?

Besides, I can’t exactly understand how the lesson work: once I click on an unknown word, sometimes a translation is shown to me, other times I can only see “no suggestions” warning message; so how am I supposed to learn that word?!? Should I look for it on a dictionary somewhere else?

I was not able to find any tutorial about how lessons work.

Welcome to LingQ!
Take a look at this demo video.


I clicked on the link for the demo video. I got to a page where it said ‘Can’t see the video? Click here’. I clicked on that and received a 404 error message ‘page not found’. Is there a problem somewhere?
Please help.

First of all please check our canine version, that may help. Otherwise, this a known issue that is being worked on and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi Bob_the_dog,

For now you can see the video at the top of our Lesson help page, Lesson Help