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I used to have different playlists in the old layout design. Now always when I want to add Lessions to my playlist they get added to the one and only playlist. How can I create other playlists?

Hi phl92,
You can’t have more than one playlists anymore. But good thing is that this one playlist is now synchronized across all devices and you can access it on both website and app version.

Perhaps a silly question: where do you use a playlist for?


In my opinion this is not a good thing at all. The only thing this creates, is a big chaos unorgabized playlist which makes it the same like ‘My Lessons’ folder

A playlist is exactly used for the way you want to learn a new language and is even recommended from the creator of LingQ himself to listen to Input again and again. So tell me how you do that if you have only one single playlist which you are forced to update all day to listen to the content you wish to. For me this organizing thw playlist every single time I want to listen is a lot of time wasted… Why LingQ programmers do not work together with language learners or with Steve himself

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I don’t use a playlist, I just go to the lesson I am working on, I make linqs, I listen to the audio, I read the text a second time and then I move on to the next lesson. I still don’t understand in what respect a playlist can help me.

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While I don’t technically use a playlist on here, it is incredibly helpful. It is helpful to listen to the same material over and over again so that you can try to hear and pick out more of the material in the sentences you have already learned. At this point, you already have read the material a couple of times and probably heard it a few times as well. You should be able to slowly start understanding more of the content. It is like repeating the same phrase over and over again when you are practicing your speaking. You are likely going to encounter various phrases over and over again and it is good to practice those phrases when you speak. When listening to a playlist, you become more familiar with the material in its native context. If you continually listen to the same article on politics over and over again, when you try to listen to something new on politics you are likely to understand more because you have read it a few times and listened to related material dozens of times. If you have 5 or 6 conversations that are on loop all about politics (and not mixed with one article on how coffee is produced or the history of religion) you become more comfortable with that specific subject and are more likely to understand an unrehearsed conversation about that topic. If you have various playlists all on particular subjects you might be able to see how this could be helpful instead of one GIANT Playlist.

This method isn’t necessarily for everybody, but it can be useful. I don’t have a specific playlist, but I have thought about using it for the reasons mentioned above. Instead, right now I listen to the same lesson about a dozen times before I stop looking at it. I try to learn as much as I can with it and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. When I was learning Biblical Hebrew, I read Gen 22 probably 100 times because it was the first passage I read completely in the Bible. It gave me a good sense of vocabulary and how it was used in sentences. This also allowed me to feel like I was progressing, and I ended up learning this passage really well. I would read other passages of course, but this was helpful for when I got further in my study I was able to refer back to this passage on how words were used in context etc. That is one of the benefits of our platform on LingQ, is the repetition without having to look something up constantly. The same can be applied to listening comprehension and playlists. Repetition is key.

I hope this explains some of the reasons for why some people find playlists beneficial.

On a separate note, I see you must have been using LingQ for a while now by noticing your word counts in different languages. You have clearly been seeing success in what you do. May I ask what method you use to improve your listening comprehension?

Cody C.

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Is there any talk about opening up this same platform of being able to access it on various devices and allowing more than one playlist? This is something that likely would be very beneficial to us language learners.