Different dictionaries for different languages

I know a few different languages at varying degrees of mastery. For some of them, I want the translation of words from the studied language to one of the languages I master. For the languages where I am more proficient, I would rather have a dictionary explanation in the same language. I haven’t figured out how to configure that with LingQ.

Would I be able to configure as follows?

English → English
Swedish → Swedish
Italian → Italian

French → English or Swedish
German → English or Swedish
Dutch → English or Swedish
Spanish → English or Italian
Danish → Swedish
Norwegian → Swedish

I’m also wondering what would happen if I start with one configuration and later change to another one.

You can change your dictionary language anytime you want, however, at the moment it’s not possible to have a different dictionary language set for different study languages. The dictionary language is set in the settings and it applies to all your study languages.