Differences of the Main Causes of Car Accidents between México and United States

The main causes of car accidents between these two countries are quite different. However these differences can show us the vial culture of a country. Let’s analyses these differences. The first difference and the highest cause in México is by speeding. On the other hand, in United States is by distracted driving. These causes are very different, but like México, the main cause in US is caused by carelessness. The second cause and like the top one, these are different too. Now in US is speeding. In contrast, careless switching lanes in México, caused by carelessness also. Finally, without surprises, the third causes between these countries are different. In México, the third cause is the intension of the drivers. However, in US, drunk drivers caused more accident. This say us that in US drink and drive more than in México. In conclusion, the two countries’ causes are by carelessness and this shows us the vial culture. In Mexico, for instance, the Mexican driver focuses on the road but he is jumpy. Whereas, the American driver is more distracted and vague.

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According to the recent report released by the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are top four common causes of fatal car accidents in America. These are running red lights, failure to yield the right way, ignoring the stop sign, and crossing the center lane. You can view the detailed content here: http://ow.ly/fG7Ix