Difference between known words and learned words

Hi Steve !

Thank again for your pieces of advice !
I would like to know what is the difference between “Known words” and “learned words” in the section “Overall” ?
How does the Linguist system determine theses number of words ?

“Learned words” are words (LingQs) that you have manually saved from the content available on (or imported to) the site, while “known words” are words that the system assumes that you know. For instance, if you study an item which has, say, 100 new/unknown words (based on your vocabulary at LingQ), save 75 of them (as you find that you know everything else), adjust the read indicator (the blue arrow) accordingly, and click “Update” - then the system says that you know 25 words. If you save 100, no new words are added to you “known words”- if you don’t save any, then 100 words are added.

Even if you already have a strong base when you study a language here, your “known words” will start at 0 (but increase very quickly).

Hope that helps.

thanks Jeff.

Regis, these numbers are useful indicators of your progress towards your goals. But there will be “known words” and even “learned words” that you do not know and have not learned. It does not matter. In case you missed it, I had this comment for Edwin on another thread.

Remember that language learning is a fuzzy logic, gradual process. I often try to save words that I have already moved to known (status 4) and forgotten. I just adjust the status back to 3 and move on. I keep reading, listening, reviewing, writing and eventually words stick. Some stick right away, and some seem unwilling to become part of my brain.

We have the intention of putting filters into the Vocabulary section so that, for examples, you can just see your status 4 words I am sure you will find some that you do not know. You will then be able to flash card just your status 4 words and adjust the status down as required.

Thank you !

That (“saving” status 4 words) happens all the time for me too… especially for Russian and Chinese. As you say, eventually the words stick. If I read a lot (even the same texts over and over), it is more likely that important words will enter my (active) vocabulary. A words I it only once will seldom stick - but as you say, some words do indeed stick immediately.