Did the font for LingQs change?

I’m finding it very difficult to read, like they are all in bold.

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No, we haven’t changed anything there. Are you using website version?

I have the same problem, I am using the website version.

Can you please send us a screenshot of your issue to support(at)lingq.com ? Also let us know which browser you are using. Thanks.

I’m using Chrome on the Desktop. Everything else is normal but the translations for lingqs seem to use a different font now.

Same here and I’m using Firefox on the desktop.

Yeah It is bold for me as well. Annoying.

You can change the font under settings.


Same here. Was about to reserve a time for an optician. Using chrome on desktop.no issue on mobile app.

Just chiming in. When you click on a blue word, the options given to you (the suggested hints as well as the dictionaries) are now all bold. I am pretty sure this wasn’t the case just a few days ago.

I had to use Stylebot Chrome extension to override all fonts of the site to Sans Serif cause Sans Serif font setting is simply ignored and site fonts look so ugly when anti-aliasing is switched off so it is almost impossible to read them. Why to use such strange design? Why not just use standard fonts?
I had to use this CSS:

  • {font-family: sans-serif;}