Did most of my lingqs get lost?

Dear LingQ!

It’s now shown to me that I have 51 lingqs for French, 77 lingqs for German and 235 lingqs for English.

I have certainly had thousands for each of these languages. So what happened and how do I get that data back?

Hi Eugrus,
Each user has option to switch to Vacation plan when downgrading account and keep data. If users just downgrade account to Free level, without activating the Vacation plan, data are deleted after 90 days.
However, since you were LingQ Premium member for so long, our team is looking into restoring your LingQs and we hope to have it taken care of during day. I’ll keep you updated via email.

Thanks! So how do I activate the Vacation plan in the future?

And are you going to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation and allow the full takeaway (export) of our data? I’ve noticed that other than most foreign Internet companies active on the EU market you haven’t sent me a new regulation-compliant Privacy Statement yet.

What I’ve noticed now is that the “recovered” lingqs were recovered without the hints (translations), even though the phrases are there.

During the downgrading process, you will see the Vacation Plan offer to keep your data. You can see on this link how it looks: Login - LingQ

You can export your LingQs and keep them on your device anytime your want from the My Vocabulary page.

Sorry, but unfortunately that is the best we can do. We were able to restore LingQs but not the translations.

No, it’s impossible to export more than 200 lingqs from the Vocabulary page.

This does not comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 which requires companies active on the EU market to allow users a COMPLETE takeaway of THEIR data in a structured format.