Did anyone test the update on an ipad?

It is almost unusable.

I just wanted the lesson text (as normal) and now the money sign and blue man are jammed in the middle of the screen.

A further issue seems to be that the play button scrolls with the screen, meaning that you can not start and stop audio without scrolling back to the top of the page,

I appreciate that you are a small team, but as a paying user it is distinctly annoying no longer to be able to use the system.

in addition, the most broken thing with lingq (the library) appears to be functionally unaltered. Why not look at this instead fiddle with cosmetic changes?

@moonface - We are focused on making sure the site works well on the web but we do also test on the iPad and we are working to make everything better there as well. I don’t see the progress area in the middle of the screen on the iPad but at the bottom. Can you send a screenshot showing this issue so we have better idea what you are encountering? I do see the issue with the player but if you give the page a second, the player does adjust and re-appear at the top of the scrolling window. We will continue to work to make the experience better on mobile devices.

@xuedalou - On the iPhone and iPod, the experience is not great right now. We are working on that as well.

@mark. it is very easy to replicate. Select a lesson and click on the << sign on the right hand side to hide the list of new words, lingqs and so on. Expand the page of text to fit the screen and bingo - the text and frame no longer match.

As an aside, pads of various descriptions are outselling pc’s so the ‘web’ is very much ipads, android devices and the rest.

As i said before, i really, realy wish you would work on the library and speed, not cosmetic enhancements.

Happy days.

Library and speed, entirely agreed. Although the speed of the site has increased dramatically since I first started using it. However, we have to continue to improve it, for sure.

The more pleasant lesson page and more accessible Learn page will help our newcomers, in my view. However, we will also work to improve performance for our regulars, myself included.

I used the new system on my iPad and was quite happy with it when it first came out. Now the layout seems squashed for me. I am sure that these issues will be resolved.

I now have no problem with the flashcards. I do, however, have a problem with the iPod app. It does not load any lessons for me.

@moonface - Yes, it’s not perfect but it is usable as it is now on the iPad. We are working on improving it while at the same time we are working on a much improved mobile app which should hopefully be available before too long.

@Gingko - Have you tried shutting the iPod app completely and re-opening it. The issues with the app should now be resolved.