Did anyone know the Olympics are on!? :-P

Hey Lingqers. As I basque in the success of my country at the Olympics I was interested to read an article to see what international press’ reaction has been to London hosting the games. Some very interesting reactions mostly good and positive, all though I was amazed (I say amazed, I shouldn’t be that surprised ) that the French press, in one of their magazines “L’equipe”, suggest that "70 per cent of its readers think the success of British cyclists has been ‘tainted by cheating’. This can’t be right? surely the French media can’t be so sore about Britain’s success that they would go as far to make up some nonsense like this? I don’t know much about the magazine it’self but it doesn’t appear to be the sort of outlet to just make up stuff. I thought it would be interesting to get some view on this from an International community such as the one at Lingq. all in good humour of course!

the full article is here > Sneers from the French, whining in Oz - how other nations view the London 2012 Olympics | Daily Mail Online

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My point of view on this matter :
The British team uses “illegal substances” !!!

But the French, German, … teams use these “illegal substances” too !
So nothing can change the fact that the British are the best (for now). :wink:

I thought you were Scottish :stuck_out_tongue:

Scotland does not have a team in the Olympics, Great Britain does.

@Juju: “…My point of view on this matter: The British team uses “illegal substances” !!!”

I have no idea whether this is true (and to be honest I don’t very much care.)

But it would seem like quite a big accusation…

Team GB is definitely miles ahead in the cycling events. Of the 10 events in the velodrome, we won gold in 7, got disqualified from 2 that we would have won otherwise :wink: [okay ‘may have won’ :slight_smile: ]… and a Danish rider won the other event.

It’s true that the French have been complaining a lot, and saying that Team GB’s cyclists are somehow cheating. But the reality is the only way they are ‘cheating’ is by funding the team so well. Literally millions of pounds (many millions in fact) have been spent on improving coaches/equipment/training etc, other countries simply aren’t investing as much. At the end of the day, this investment is paying off in the form of success on the track, which is being rewarded with a huge collection of gold medals.

One obvious thing that the commentators picked up on, the riders from Great Britain are wearing aerodynamic helmets, it seems like the riders from other countries aren’t. Sure, indoors this might not have a huge effect, but the 1% or whatever improvement in time can be crucial in events where riders are often split by less than 0.01 of a second. This level of attention to detail is used throughout the preparation, and is what makes the difference.

“Scotland does not have a team in the Olympics, Great Britain does.”


If anyone needs explanation, I was just nodding to some of the controversy surrounding Scottish and Welsh athletes refusing to sing God Save the Queen. I am also genuinely interested in Corin’s use of “my countries success at the Olympics”. I know some Scottish people here in Vancouver and they probably would kill me if I said that Great Britain was their countr(ies).

The thing I like best about the Olympics, apart from the amazing athletes of whatever nation and with or without whatever nutritional supplements, is the empty roads: it’s bliss driving into London for babysitting duties. The trains are pure hell, though…

@dooo: “…I know some Scottish people here in Vancouver and they probably would kill me if I said that Great Britain was their countr(ies)”

The fact is, the Scots are deeply divided on this issue. There is a big debate going on right now about Scotland breaking away from the United Kingdom (while remaining in the British Commonwealth).

There is going to be a referendum on the issue in the near future - and as I understand it, the opinion polls are pretty much 50:50…

@ Jay_B :
One of my friends is a former professional.
He explained me some of the “techniques” used by ALL the professionals, and by most of the amateurs. It’s appalling.
But all of this doesn’t change anything : the British are, for now, the best cyclists in the world.

About Scotland : I’ve heard of this break-away. Maybe it’s time to revive the Auld Alliance ! :slight_smile:

@Dooo Yeah bud, I live in Scotland but usually refer to my country as Britain, or “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” to use it’s full and even more confusing name. I’m half English anyway so it’s always easier to say I’m British :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jay_B I’m not sure the opinion polls are 50-50. I know the SNP would like to think they are, but I’m pretty sure the majority of Scots don’t wont to become independent, and a lot of the ones that do would probably just refer to “Braveheart” when backing up their arguments for it. I’m pretty confident after 2014 ,or whenever it is, Scotland will still be a part of the United Kingdom.

I think the French are still somewhat sour about losing the olympics to London in the first place, and Britain (well, more England) have never really historically gotten on with the French, so it amused me that a magazine in france was saying this just because we have dominated the Cycling. I say “we” I’m of course being patriotic. I haven’t contributed much to the team effort myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t you know that we love to complain about everything and anything?:wink:

Of course some British athletes cheated in the cycling competition and the rowing one too (don’t remember wich category)! :stuck_out_tongue: A British cyclist fell deliberately and admitted it was because he was losing.

A lot of countries and athletes -even a Ukrainian minister- have complained about boxing too. British are not to blame here, the scoring system is a real shame.

Otherwise I liked the opening ceremony, and the night when Mo Farah, Rutherford and Ennis won their gold medals. I was glad for our “best ennemies” and “European colleagues” :wink:


French journalists certainly are sour about losing the olympics, taxpayers aren’t. We know it would have cost an arm and a leg and times are tough these days.


I hope you’re right about about Scotland (not least because Unionism is very much part of the Conservative credo!)

Mind you, there is a kind of up-side if Scotland does break the union: The Labour Party counts on Scotland for many of their safest seats in the UK parliament - so without Scotland on board, a Socialist majority in Westminster would be considerably less likely in future! :smiley:

I do not like the shape of the stadium. People are too far from the track. I do not like marathon not finishing in the stadium. I do not like seven players rugby not olympic yet. I do not like military to be involved in other duties than security.

I did love the queen entry with Bond and the new fashion in Wimbledon.

I think l’Équipe make similar accusations against Lance Armstrong five or six years ago after the Tour de France?

The suspicions were so strong that Lance Armstrong’s blood has been stocked a few years in the “anti-doping center” (is that the right term ?) in Chatenay-Malabry (FRANCE).
One of the scientists told me (I live and work in Chatenay-Malabry) that everybody was sure that Armstrong used something to win, but there was no proof yet. It was just a matter of time to know how to analyse his blood.
Now, they have the technology (and some testimonies from his former colleagues).

Here in my little corner of Canada, I haven’t even heard of these “suggestions”. We must be too stressed over a bad call for the womens soccer team

ah, I’m glad somebodys said “Soccer”. Now we can talk about how it is called Football xD

Oh yeah soccer, football, whatever; by the way… México’s got silver medal so far… and going for the gold next saturday! Good luck to them!