I would like some help with the use of the dictionary.
I am not able to use it properly.
Considering that all words are listed from “a” to “z”, each time I ask to start one of the different possibilities provided (dictation, choosing the right answer among a multiple choice, filling the blanks…) I always only have the first 25 or more Lingq starting from “a” and never mixed. How can I have all Lingqs mixed up?
Furthermore, when I am asked if I want to postpone a specific Lingq in 15-30 or more days and I say “yes”, I keep finding it the next day again. Why?
Sorry for not being able to explain better in English.
I hope to receive some help.

@Ling65 - Sorry about this! We’re working on this issue right now and should have the “Search dictionary” button back to normal very shortly.

When doing Flashcards, etc. you can click the shuffle button to shuffle your words. This will randomize the order in which they are reviewed.

Do you mean that words which you move up to Status 4 - 15 days or Status 4 - 30 days are showing up in your LingQs of the Day list the following day?