Today I talked with my new friend Ahmet from Turkey. We talk for a while and he asked me about my learning method. I tell him and then I asked him. And he said that he is preparing himself for something like TOEFL but I do not remember know. And he use book called in Turkish:

“kurgusal sözlük” when I bid him to translate this words into English he said : " fictional dictionary"

This book help learn words for native Turkish by similarity between Turkish and English sounds of word and then are made funny sentences with picture beside.

I want to ask there is in Internet book for polish-English learners similar to the Turkish book.

The similarity of the Turkish there are many such books in Russia. I think you just have to like Turkish dictionary and Spanish champion remember Roman Kampajo “learn any language for seven days by Romana Kompajo”. It describes the technique of mnemonics is memorizing languages way Association.

The essence of the method is that you need to pick a word sounding similar to English and then compose a story using the word.
Find section to improve memory.