Dictionary Request

Hi Lingq staff,
Could the https://www.weblio.jp/ be added as a Japanese dictionary? At the moment, there are no Japanese dictionaries on lingq that provide accent markings, and this one does.
I think it would be a great help to all Japanese learners on this site. Thank you.

EDIT: I’ve added a screenshot of the Japanese weblio site to better illustrate what I’m talking about

Hi amop567,
Weblio dictionary is already available for Japanese-English combination. Are you unable to find it on the list?

The Japanese/English version (https://ejje.weblio.jp/) is different from the Japanese one which I posted. It doesn’t have the accent markings which is why it would be helpful to have the Japanese one in addition. Would it be possible to add it?

Also, just to be clear, the Japanese weblio can’t be accessed directly from the Japanese/English site.

Both https://ejje.weblio.jp/ and https://www.weblio.jp/ are already available. If you check list of available dictionaries for Japanese - English combination, you will see that there are two Weblio dictionaries available, one of them is the one you suggested.

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Ok, I see now! I was looking just at my “selected dictionaries” and didn’t notice there were more available. Thanks for helping me clear that up ^^

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