Dictionary problems


I would like to become a basic member, but I have experienced a problem. The problem is that at my lingq-s when I try to look up the meaning of a word in dictionaries, only the babylon works and the others dont. Is it going to be fixed or this is a feature? :stuck_out_tongue:

@csehtmas- What do you mean the other dictionaries don’t work? They work fine for me. How exactly are you trying to use them? What is not working?

I have the same set of symptoms. I would like to use Word Reference, for example, but it gives me nothing inside Lingq; only Babylon gives results.

Only Babylon dictionary results can show up in the LingQ widget. Other dictionaries open up a new window. We hope that our User Hints will cover more and more of the vocabulary that our learners are learning.

I see, I have just enabled the pop-ups and it works fine. Thank you for the help.

Btw, it would be great if I could look the other dictionaries entries inside LingQ.

The other thing is, is there any statistic from that I could read that how many user is learning english, how many lessons that English section has and how many new hints created in a day for english words?

I ask it because there is not too much useful hints that I could use for English words.

On the other hand, the site is great same as the learning method. I didnt know you, Steve, I did not know input theory and other learning methods, but after high school, after 12 years of learning english I have been starting to learn English on my own, and my method was the input, unconsciously, and it has worked even if dont know that there is an expression for it :slight_smile:

Ahh…yes, you may have to allow popups on LingQ.com in order to see the other dictionaries.