Dictionary Preference

I am learning both Spanish and French. French is behind Spanish so I would like to use Spanish hints/dictionaries for awhile for my French vocab. But because Spanish is more advanced for me now, I need to keep the hints/dictionaries in English. Can I do both? I only see one setting to change in preferences. Thanks.

@CTaylor - You can add resources for multiple languages in the dictionary tab. Just choose your dictionary and French as the translation language. Make sure to change the hint language in the LingQ widget if you add a hint in a language other than your default language otherwise those hints will appear in the wrong language.

Mark, I’m still struggling with this. For example, if I go to the dictionary tab on the right side of the lesson, I see I can switch to Spanish, but nothing really comes up automatically. I can look at the Google translate tab and then change it for the word to Spanish, but then nothing happens in hint bar. So then I guess I would have to type it in myself. Is there a way for everything to happen automatically with every LingQ I create?

@CTaylor - If you check the dictionaries, you do have to type or copy paste the information into your hint field. Most dictionaries offer a lot of information and we can’t know which information to automatically put in the hint field for you.