Dictionary Language Incorrect

Very minor problem.

I’ve noticed on a couple of occasions now, when I’m LingQing a word in Spanish and I look it up in the dictionary, I get the Italian dictionary instead. Actually, I almost never noticed because the word I was looking up appears to be similar in Italian, only it didn’t have the accent it has in Spanish.

I’ve got a hunch it may be caused by a problem I have with the LinqQ box which sometimes has a problem saving (maybe it’s me). I’ve noticed some other people have reported problems with this too. Has anybody else noticed the wrong language dictionary appearing? Or maybe it just doesn’t like me :slight_smile:

Strangely enough I was considering starting Italian, so maybe it’s an omen :slight_smile:

I always get spanish <–> german translation instead of portuguese <–> german.

The English dictionary is not perfect, but solves 70-80% of my problems. By the other side, I almost never get the right language when studying French… I’d rather use external dictionaries.

Eu tenho o mesmo problema com o dicionario de português para o espanhol… quase sempre tenho a tradução ao inglês no site do lingq e não para o espanhol… :frowning:

Qual é a solução ?

¿Aprender inglés? :wink: