Dictionaries gone for new words?

When you click on a new word (blue) there seems to be no longer a button to open a dictionary. Has this been changed ? Because I am almost certain that it was there a day or two ago.
I tested this in both chrome(which I always use) and firefox (which I never use).

It still exists for old words (yellow) but only opens after you click on the arrow.

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I am on Edge and have the same problem. I am pretty sure it was working fine this morning.

Dictionaries only appear once you enter a meaning for blue words. Please fix this asap as it makes the browser virtually useless.

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Yes, it was definitely working a few hours ago.

We are investigating the issue. Thanks for reporting!


I have the same problem.

same problem here. So far, I have only noticed it on the website (using edge browser)

I’m having the same issue and I made a post about it here:

It’s gone on for several days. come on Devs, we need to make lingqing EASIER not HARDER. Y’all are going in the wrong direction.

We are working on it and we will push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience!