Dictionaries are gone and I'm not sure how to retrieve them

As in the title really, loaded up LingQ to start my daily learning, and the dictionaries are gone on both yellow and blue words. I’m premium member, options for dictionaries seem to be there, but I can’t search dictionaries or even click them. I added a screenshot here. Any help is appreciated as it makes doing a lesson and saving LingQs very clunky and hard work.


I came here to post the same thing. When I am on iOS I still have access to my dictionaries but in the web browser (Firefox) on my PC they’re gone. I can open up a new tab and open the dictionary and type my meaning in but it’s a lot easier when it’s all in LingQ


Same here. All my dictionary widgets and “Manage” dictionary facility are missing on my PC version.

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Same issue for browser.

It was okay for the iphone and ipad.

I think this is an issue only for the browser version, and the issue is recent.

Thank god I’m not the only one who’s having this problem as of today, I was afraid there was something wrong with my account, or that my internet browser was no longer supported (firefox).

Anyway I hope this is fixed PROMPTLY because for a subscription service, a hiccup like this makes the website nearly unusable for serious learning, if this lasts for more than a day I may consider have to consider cancellation.


Same issue for me here.

I’m having the same problem in browser. I’m using Chrome

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Hello. I’m having the same issue - disappearance of dictionaries.
It looks like this is a bug which has been reported many times by many users over several years. I wonder if steps are being made to identify why it continues to happen and fix it?

It makes using the browser version of LingQ very clunky/inconvenient.

PC/Windows/Chrome here.


The Reader settings no longer have an option for displaying dictionaries of a LINGQed word. See below. The dictionaries still appear if the word has not been LINGQed.

With this change I’m guessing some of the checked boxes for this feature have been unchecked.

Check out your reader settings

2023-08-02 15_59_59-LingQ Learning Languages Simply — Mozilla Firefox
2023-08-02 16_00_07-LingQ Learning Languages Simply — Mozilla Firefox

Changing the settings as you’ve shown doesn’t fix the problem, I have no doubt that everyone here went immediately to settings to check if someone was wrong.
It is clearly some kind of coding or software error/bug associated with an update of some kind.

An issue like this that takes away so much ease of functionality really should be fixed within 24 hours, for a platform with thousands of users like this.


Yes, I’m having the same issue. I really use it a lot on individual words because I have a link to a dictionary that gives stress, declensions and conjugations for Romanian and I REALLY miss it. I’m worried that it may not be a bug but a redesign. Also that we haven’t heard from anyone from Lingq about it yet.
What I have at the moment is a very long list of translations not only into English but other languages too like Ukrainian.

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I can’t even add new meanings:

The problem already was there yesterday and it makes the site unusable.

Some things I could get back by going to the settings (why had they been changed without my consent?), but not the dictionaries and not the saved meaning field.

I’m really paranoid now it might be a design change too… especially as where the dictionary tab used to be there’s this new and redundant message: " Save (LingQ) this word to study"


The dictionaries are appearing on new words for me after i clicked and unclicked the settings in the reader. The pictures aren’t a lie.
Adding a new meaning to a word is indeed broken. There is a workaround, select a meaning and then edit your new meaning over the top of the selected one. You can also still import vocab through the import tab as a CSV file.
These dictionaries are also not a part of LING, if you need a quick workaround just open them in a new tab.

@zoran - Any response for this?

Well, there must be something different on your setup than others here, or presumably lots of others, as ticking and unticking settings certainly didn’t work for me.

Of course we all know they aren’t, and I think we all know how to open a new tab. Sorry, but I feel you’re not acknowledging how extremely frustrating this is, or how much accumulated time this app saves through small workarounds like this.
It’s the main appeal of the site for lots of people, being able to learn by reading foreign language novels in a convenient way. Without a quick dictionary or the ability to add custom definitions to words the main appeal of the site is lost to me.

I don’t know if I just speak for myself, but I also REALLY don’t need these new written definitions for how well I’m supposed to know a word underneath the numbers on the interface, just wasted space.

Sorry if this sounds overly negative, I really like this site, but I’m not going to defend the poor decisions and/or sloppy updating for a site service that I’m paying for.

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I agree with you mate. Adding an extra 8 minutes to my 2 hour study session is an inconvenience I shouldn’t have to put up with as a paying customer. Changes like this should be better tested and the live LINGQ server shouldn’t be used as a guinea pig for said changes. I came to offer temporary fixes to the bugs, if it worked for someone then I am happy.


Hi RoosterBurton,

just a quick clarification, you are using the browser and not the app correct ?
because i don’t have that issue with the app. i have a different issue (deleting meanings, dictionary showing for lingq)

if you are using the browser, what language are you using for dictionaries ?

where is the good cop zoran to give us some false hope?

I’m not seeing the issue in Edge browser. I see some folks mentioned they are using chrome and I think one firefox user? any other browsers represented with the issue?


Same issue in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

I’m using both Polish and English dictionaries, learning Portuguese and Spanish. It stopped working during my yesterday’s learning session and I thought it was only temporary so I didn’t worry too much about it. But the issue continues today.

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