DIctionaries appear out of order on android and ios app?

In the past week, maybe with the recent update I found that all my dictionaries were out of order. I’m also pretty sure I had re-adjusted them on the android app, only to find this morning that they were out of order again.

Not sure if anyone else has seen this issue?

We haven’t received any similar complain, but we will investigate the issue. Thanks for reporting it.

I’ve had the same thing happen with iOS app. The dictionaries I’ve selected default to the order in which they appear in the menu.

Fine for me on Android 12.

Each time I change the translation language my dictionaries are scrambled and I have to go back and get them. This happens on the website and ios app.

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Thanks everyone, we will have it fixed.

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I checked mine and this is exactly the issue. Today I changed from German to Spanish to Dutch, back to German. All the dictionaries are scrambled in all environments after changing languages.