Dictation does not work

When I try to review with the dictation option, I click on “play audio” and nothing happens…
I am presently studying 09 你住在哪儿 询问(四) 1 句子
Conversational Chinese 301 Vol.1

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    The same thing happened with lesson 8.

@Bruneauc - Would you be able to let us know which browser you are using? Also, if you go directly to the Vocabulary page (Learn > Vocabulary) and click on Dictation can you hear the audio for the first word that appears?

I have a MAC and my browser is Safari. It was working last week.
I just tried the Vocabulary page and I still can’t hear anything. There are no words appearing either.
Last week I would click on “play audio” I would then write down what I heard and then submit the answer.

@Bruneauc - Thanks for the additional info. You’re right, there does look to be an issue in Safari. Other browser such as Chrome and Firefox should be working. In the meantime we’ll look into getting this fixed.