Dictation does not work correctly

I don’t know if someone has already reported the same issue, but I will try to ask you some questions.
After submitting answers, totally different answers appeared many times on screens. Maybe there is some problem with dictation, isn’t there?

I have just tested it again. Maybe, after trying 25 words in a row, the same words appeared twice cause me some problem.

Do you mean that it speaks a different word than it displays as the answer? Is this for specific words or only with certain words? Also, are you trying in French, Chinese or another language?

I tried to answer 25 words in a row without problem, but once I tried first word of 25 words again, it caused problem continuously. I submitted right answers, but it displayed different answers again and again. I am not sure that this is for specific words or only with certain words.
I tried in English and Chinese.

For example, there are 6 new words in a text, so I try to answer them in a row for a fist stage. And I try these 6 words again. Then, I find that these spoken words are different with displayed answers.

If it causes problems, it will be better to delete the second stage.

And I don’t use Dictation for French because in French there are many conjugated words in my list, so I prefer to use real interviews for dictation in order that tutors correct my mistakes.

I tried this and didn’t notice any problems the second time through. Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes, I am having trouble with the French vocabulary dictation. Some of the dictation words work, but others are garbled and go at a very fast pace. Some of the audio clips sound as if there are two sentences running at the same time. They almost sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks (which is probably telling you how old I really am!)

Perhaps I am not using the dictation correctly. Any advice will be appreciated.

@Em8649 - Are you by chance using Chrome? There are still some lingering issues here, particularly the clipped audio that you mentioned. It should be working in Firefox and Safari.

For the ones that sound sped up, is this specific to certain words? If so, can you list some words so we can take a closer look?

I am using Safari on a Mac. My problems have been with an imported conversation report. Some words work, but on other words the audio sounds like a garbled string of words. It doesn’t sound anything like the word that shows up as the correct answer. My answers are always incorrect because I can’t understand what I am supposed to enter. I will take notes and give you some of the words this happens with.

I selected the conversation report I wanted to work on from the Lessons drop-down menu. There are thirteen words I wanted to study from this report. There was garbled sound from these words: t’inquiète, extérieures, and poupées.

I noticed that the first word has an apostrophe. The second and third words were missing a space before the following word in the “Phrases” entered for these words. For example, “extérieuresj’aime” and “poupéesj’ai”.

I looked at the original conversation report and it looks like the second and third words were at the end of a line and joined the first word in the next line in the “Phrases”. I edited the last two “Phrases” and deleted the parts of the phrases after “extérieures” and “poupées”. The sound is still garbled on those two words after my editing. I did not make any changes to “t’inquiète”. I refreshed the page after my editing.

Another thing I noticed is that I sometimes have trouble getting the sound to work on some words. I have to click the sound icon several times to get it to work.

Thanks so much for all of your help.

Thanks for the detailed info! We’ll look into this and let you know if we need any more information.

@Em - The spacing doesn’t seem to affect it, but we should fix the phrase cutoff there so it doesn’t continue on to the next line. However, I did notice some strange things happening in Safari. Firefox appears to work fine for all of these, and Chrome sometimes clips the audio in the TTS. Which browser are you using?

Thanks for working on this. I am using Safari on a MacBook Pro. The garbling doesn’t seem as bad now, and I am able to figure which word to enter.

I found that using the keyboard shortcuts for the audio clips works much better than using the speaker icon. I prefer the keyboard shortcuts for dictation practice. Is there a keyboard shortcut for moving ahead one word? It would be nice to not have to click the “next” arrow.

We had to remove the arrow keys as shortcuts. They caused conflicts with being able to move around in the text field, so pressing “right” to move right one character would flip to the next card.

I am having trouble with the Spanish dictation feature. When I hit tab or click on the speaker, the word never plays. How can I resolve this issue? I’m on a MacBook Air OSX 10.6.8, using Safari as my browser. This seems to be the only trouble I have listening to the recordings.