Dictation and transcription as a community

If we are able to obtain permission to use podcasts and radio programs in various languages, who is willing to transcribe these audio contents and then participate in correcting the transcription?

We recently had Hirohide, a learner of English, transcribe a lengthy podcast in English, and other members, native speakers and non-native speakers, corrected it.

Can we repeat this experiment?

Hi, Steve …

You can count on me for this .Let me know …


I would transcribe for French and Japanese if I could obtain LingQ bonus points for the material once it is corrected.

From my experience, it depends on the content of podcasts or radio programs. In other words the problem is that there are not so many audio files interesting enough to dictate and transcribe them out there. Yet if learners encountered the content that makes them definitely want to know it fully they would manage to dictate and transcribe it. That was my case. It takes time for learners to transcribe. It depends whether the content is worth for learners taking time to transcribe it.

I agree Hirohide and any transcription/dictation should be started by the learner who is prepared to do the transcription. Helping with the error correction is less of a problem.

I’d be willing to do it in German if nobody else feels like transcribing some great content. I think listening is my best skill.
I would not want to correct but rather make the first draft, by the way.

Also I don’t know of any great, copyright free content that needs to be transcribed so someone would have to tell me.

@SolYViento: That’s the problem with German. You’ll hardly find any content that is copyright free. And all the podcasts that are under a creative common license are usually under a “non-commercial” license, and you cannot use is for LingQ. You have to ask the provider for permission. That is what I always do. I asked all the providers of podcasts that you can find in the German library.

I understand the idea behind this but how should this work? Who’ll be the provider of the content? Who’ll earn the points? The correction can turn out in a lot of work. Is the focus on “It’s practise for the transcriber and he got a correction for free”? Then the corrector should be the provider. Or is the focus on “The transcriber is doing the huge job of transcribing and the corrector does a favour to the community correcting it?”. Then the transcriber should be the provider and earn the points.