Diaries as excellent easy content

I have started studying Ana’s diary. I know that other content creators at LingQ have used similar diary formats. I think these are great. Thank you all.

It is interesting to share in the life of other members of our community. These diaries are typically spoken slowly and the vocabulary is limited and the subject matter familiar. Through our Community we can communicate with these content creators, on the content forum, or generally forums or on their walls, and this all strengthens the sense of community that we have at LingQ.

I encourage people to do this. I might start one myself if I have the time.

Thank you for the suggestion.
I started with an easy diary in German.I use easy words, and it is slowly spoken.
It is made for Beginners with a low knowledge.
Link: Vera's Diary for beginners - LingQ Language Library

I was thinking about doing this for the English LingQ but I don’t have a program to use to record my voice on them though.

Audacity is a free program to record things. It works fine.