Dialects and regional languages, Arabic and Chinese

In the modern world! A browser without spell-check! Really?

@jolanda - The spellcheck does not depend on which forum it is in. Are you changing the language of the spellchecker to your language before clicking “Check spelling”? By default it will be set to your Interface Language on the Settings page.

Ja,ich wechsle die Sprache,je nachdem in welcher Sprache ich schreibe.
If I write in English or Italian or Spanish!For the moment it works fine!

I try to delete the post before( spelling check)
because it is working fine now.
but I can not delete.

I put “Bearbeiten”,“Löschen” but nothing is happen.

This seems strange Jolanda. I can edit posts no problem. Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes it is really strange!
I try again!
I can not delete my "old"post.
but the "check spelling"works fine now!

@jolanda - You shouldn’t be able to delete but you can edit. It is editing that is not working right?

I understand now!