Description of level is too long to show on the details page

Once I found an interesting course or collection, I used to go through it all instead of finding lessons in the library. But I find it quite annoying while seeing the description of level is truncated when it’s too long, e.g. Intermediate 1 becomes Intermediate…, and I have to go back to My Lessons and to select One/Two Column view just to see which level the lesson is. I would suggest showing Intermediate 1 to something like Int. 1 or probably B1 on the details page while the lesson is opened.

I agree.

Also annoying is that the lesson title is put behind the course title and often it gets truncated and you cannot see the lesson title. It would be better to put the lesson title in a second row.

In which view do you find the level truncated? I do not have this problem. Perhaps others also have these problems, although I have not experienced them.

@steve, If you open a lesson, the default view is divided by two columns: content (left) & information (right). In the right column, if you press the button “Details”, it shows the basic info of the content and in the level field it shows the level of the lesson. If the level is, say Intermediate 1, it becomes “Intermediate…” as I indicated earlier. However, the it has no problem to display beginner and advanced lessons simply because the length of “Intermediate 1” is too long to display.

I’ve reported the similar issue for the Russian interface.
I’d prefer to replace all “Intermediate 1” to “B1”, all “Intermediate 2” to “B2” and so on with Beginner->A and Advanced->C. It could made the library really multilingual.