I have seen this word pop up a lot lately when I have been reading you only live twice. I have tried to google the term but the only thing I get are quotes mostly from you only live twice. Here are a few sentences where it pops up. Hopefully someone of you can explain what demokorasu means.

Dikko gives Bond advice on how to deal with Tiger. He calls Tiger a career man who is very deep, a demokorasu…

It depends how you look at it. That boy, and his family, will have gained great face in his neighbourhood.’ ‘You can’t gain face from strawberry jam.’ ‘Think again, Bondo-san. Your posthumous V.C.s, for instance?’ ‘They’re not awarded for committing suicide after failing in an examination.’ ‘We are not so demokorasu as you are.

“That also doesn’t sound very demokorasu.’ “I fornicate upon thy demokorasu” as brother Hemingway would have said. I stand for government by an elite.

It seems to mean “democratic” or “liberal”. I take it you found this in a Japanese edition?

Could be.

I have no idea if the book is a Japanese edition but I bought it from a a Scandinavian e-commerce site. I have come across other Japanese words as well but in those instances accompanied with English translations.

From what I have heard before I started reading bond books is that Fleming used to educate his readers. That he used to explain things essential to the novel. I haven’t read Goldfinger or Diamonds are forever but according to a DVD-commentary he does explain in great detail about the diamond trade witch the plot revolves around.

Maybe I missed it the explanation, I have a tendency to skim through texts when I am tired.

I have seen him do it with certain words as well. There is was another word called “on” that popped up early quite frequently but it was thoroughly explained. It had something to do with favours and how if someone does a favour for you must match that favour or exceed it or you lose face. I googled it anyways but couldn’t find anything about the concept.