Deleting writings

Is it possible to delete writings you do not want to send from the “write” page?

I would like to have this option too. I accidently started a writing. Then I recognized that my language was set to German before I submit it because I saw that the offered tutors were German. Now I have this writing in my list, and I’m not able to delete it. It is not very important, but it is a bit strange. Maybe deleting should be possible if a writing is not submitted.

I think that you can erase the title and the sentences you have written. I don’t mind having a blank page in the list; it can be used in another time.

Yes, Yutaka san is right. I do the same thing.

This doesn’t work in my case. I don’t intend to submit a writing in my mother tongue :wink:

If you write just one word and send it to yourself to be corrected, what will happen?

I found that writing like a native is difficult. In my first post of this thread, I should have used “at” instead of “in” before “another time.”

Deleting writing is something we will take a look at. Currently, it is something we can’t do because writings are tied to lessons… It’s a long story… :slight_smile: At any rate, it is something we are aware of and will try to implement at some point.